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  1. Vietnam Veterans Asked to Share Stories
    Apr 13, 2017  -  Everyone has their own story. “The best way to honor Vietnam veterans is to remember and share their stories of service, duty, and sacrifice.”
    Closed Hospital does not meet VA Standards to be a Veterans Home
    Mar 30, 2017  -  Caring for our veterans is one of the most sacred duties one can perform on a daily basis and it is of special significance for all Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs (ADVA) employees. We work hand in glove with the federal government to care for elderly and disabled veterans regarding all benefits or services but especially in our State Veterans Homes (SVH).
    State Veterans Homes Receive Zero Deficiencies in Surveys
    Mar 27, 2017  -  The Alabama State Veterans Homes is among the best in the nation.
    Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs Closed for Training
    Mar 2, 2017  -  All Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs offices will be closed March 7–9.