Vietnam Veterans Asked to Share Stories

     “Platoon,” “Apocalypse Now,” “The Deer Hunter” and “We Were Soldiers” all portray scenes from the Vietnam War, but reading accounts directly from the source is different.

     Everyone has their own story. “The best way to honor Vietnam veterans is to remember and share their stories of service, duty, and sacrifice,” explains Sharlene Hawkes, president of RMS Productions. “The hardbound book and online ebook, A Time to Honor: Stories of Service, Duty, and Sacrifice, ensures that the veterans of a controversial and painful war are appropriately honored.”
     RMS Productions is capturing the stories and photographs of Alabamians who served during the Vietnam War. “A Time to Honor
is a way to show the breadth and depth of the Vietnam War—it is the collective story told through individual experiences,” Hawkes said. The book, with the personal accounts of Vietnam war veterans, is just one way to honor and remember our veterans and to teach the future about the service and sacrifice of those who served during the Vietnam War.
     If you served in the war or have a family member who served, please consider contributing to a
digital history of the war by logging onto Submissions can be made by in-theatre veterans, civilians who served, or family members. The stories will be included in an interactive state-specific eBook which will accompany the hardbound book.