What is the Purpose of this Website?

The Alabama Executive Veterans Network (AlaVetNet) website connects Veterans with resources and services tailored to their unique needs. AlaVetNet created a searchable database of resources for Veterans based on the areas they live. On the Resources for Veterans page, Veterans can browse local service providers that fit their needs. Veterans can search for as many as ten different types of services in the areas they live.

Each of the resources listed on this website have been vetted for legitimacy and relevance. Additional resources will be added four times each year. The intent is to make it easy for Alabama's Veterans, Service Members, and their families to readily locate service providers who are well-capable of delivering the benefits and services which have been earned, often at great price.

What is the History of Alavetnet?

The Alabama Executive Veterans Network (AlaVetNet) was established in December 2013 and re-chartered in November 2017 by Governor Kay Ivey. AlaVetNet's charter is to facilitate the delivery of unified, seamless, and systematic access to services for those who have served our country and our state. Led by the Commissioners of the Alabama Departments of Veterans Affairs and Mental Health, as well as Alabama’s Adjutant General, 19 State agencies are directed to participate. Additionally, recognizing that serving Alabama's Veterans, Service Members including members of the Guard and Reserve, and their families demands a public-private partnership, key registered non-profits actively participate in AlaVetNet. AlaVetNet published a revised 2018 Strategic Plan, accepted by the Governor on January 30, 2018 which provides a 24-month roadmap.

Under the leadership of its three Co-Chairs, AlaVetNet’s work is facilitated by an Executive Director supported by a small team of senior advisors. Seven functional teams address the full-spectrum of the needs of Alabama’s Veterans in the areas of Community Support Services, Education & Research, Employment & Workforce Development, Family & Youth, and, Health & Wellbeing, Legal & Justice, and Strategic Communications. Additionally, AlaVetNet recognizes that many of the challenges facing Alabama's Veterans, Service Members, and their families call for cross-cutting and multi-disciplinary efforts. Among these cross-cutting initiatives is the establishment of this website.

Who is Alavetnet?

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