1.      Do letters of support have to meet the guidelines for font and margin?  No

2.      Will letters of support be counted as the 30 page maximum for the proposal package?  Yes

3.      Will the cover page, index page and tab pages be counted in 30 page maximum?  Yes

4.      Is there a design concept that would be similar to an existing home?  There has been no approved design concept but the intent by the Board was that any future home be designed similar to our newest home, Col. Robert L. Howard State Veterans Home (RLHSVH) in Pell City. It has all private rooms and private bathrooms. The links for RLSVH layout, concept rendering and photo can be found at https://va.alabama.gov/request-for-site-selection-proposals/. The 5th home will be different than RLSVH since it will not have the 2 story Domiciliary.

5.      What are the projected number of full time and part time jobs that would be associated with this project?  Once at full capacity operationally, the home is projected to employ approximately 250 employees.

6.      What is the projected annual payroll?  The projected annual payroll based on the average of the existing four state veterans’ homes is $7.5 million - $8.75 million.

7.      Has an economic impact analysis been prepared and if so, could we get a copy?  An economic impact analysis has not been prepared.

8.      Is a copy of the 2018 “Feasibility of Healthcare Needs”, as mentioned in the RFP, available?  The Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs requires requests for documents under the Open Records Law to be in writing with an original signature and include what documents are being requested, information regarding the citizenship of the requestor (must be citizen of Alabama), and the reason the information is being requested.  Send requests to:  Attn: Beverly Gebhardt, General Counsel, Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs, P.O. Box 1509, Montgomery, AL 36102-1509

9.      Would you provide the name of the appropriate person to contact at the Bill Nichols State Veterans Home in Alex City?  All contacts are to be made in writing as directed by the Request for Site Selection Proposals. https://va.alabama.gov/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/RFSSP-Land-Opportunities-in-Southeast-AL-for-5th-SVH.pdf 

10. What is the typical age of residents?  The typical age of residents are 75 – 90 years old.

11.  Are most resident mobile?  There are varying levels of mobility from independently walking to use of walker or wheelchair to mobile by assistance of staff.

12.  Will this be considered a long-term care facility?  Yes, it will be a skilled nursing home facility that will be licensed by the Alabama Dept. of Public Health as well as certified by the Federal VA for skilled care.

13.  What are the typical different levels of medical care internally and externally?  Internally there are regular skilled beds and as well as memory care focused beds which would be a locked unit. There are no external services such as a clinic for non-residents at our veterans homes.

14.  Based on the number of current residents at other Alabama based VA Homes, what percentage are receiving mental health care assistance?  It varies at each of the homes. We contract for a psychologist and/or psychiatrist to come into the veterans homes to provide services as needed. Inpatient geri-psych services would be provided externally by a specialized facility.

15.  How are veterans selected from the waiting list?  Applications are date stamped in the order the applications are received. Currently war time veterans have preference over peacetime veterans for admission.

16.  Can they only apply to the closest facility to their current residence or will they need to accept the first available opening at any of the Alabama based VA Homes?  Veterans may apply to any of the veterans homes. They will be offered a bed independent from the other homes. They may choose to accept admission or turn down the bed offer. If they choose to admit to one of the homes they may transfer to another home once their name comes up for bed availability at another home.

17.  What is the procedure for visiting an existing Alabama based VA Home?  E-mail me your request in writing with the name of the home to visit, three possible dates and name and title of those participating in the tour. We request the group be kept to a maximum of three participants.  E-mail me your request in writing with the name of the home to visit, three possible dates and name and title of those participating in the tour. We request the group be kept to a maximum of three participants. I will respond directly to confirm tour date and time. The tour guide will not be answering questions related to the 5th home. Questions should be submitted in writing as outlined in the RFSSP.

18.  After August 2, 2019, will the list of those choosing to compete/submit a site for consideration be considered public information? If so how do we obtain that information?  No, the list of those who indicate an intent to submit a proposal will not be made public but only to be used for our agency. This is to ensure that all participants have the opportunity to have the same information as others.

19.  What is the estimated time frame for the state veterans home construction to begin?  There are a variety of factors that may affect the date for construction so it is unknown for this project. The site selection for the 4th veterans home was in January 2008 and the contractor was selected in November 2010.

20.  What is the estimated time frame for the state veterans home construction to be completed?  There are a variety of factors that may affect construction to be completed so it is unknown for this project. Construction for the 4th state veterans home began in January 2011 and the first resident admitted November 2012.

21.  Can a smaller point size be used for graphics?  Yes

22.  When submitting maps with our proposal, do they need to follow the 1” margin like the rest of the proposal?  No

23.  The $60-65 million dollar figure that has been quoted in news articles, is that the construction price of the facility or does that price include land and the facility?   This budget amount was based on the last home we built in Pell City. The land for each of the existing four veterans homes was donated.

24.  What is the estimated time of the selection process?  We anticipate no longer than 60-90 days. There on many variables which include the number of proposals received, time for scheduling if we choose to have verbal presentations, time for on-site visits of finalists.

25.  How do the letters of support need to be addressed?  While there is no specified way in the RFSSP to address letters of support one example might be to our Board of Veterans Affairs:  Board of Veterans Affairs, PO Box 1509, Montgomery, AL 36102-1509

26.  For validation of current fee simple ownership and estimated value as well as environmental considerations do you require actual documentation of findings or can findings be stated and the source of validation be provided?  Findings may be stated with source of validation. As the selection progresses additional documentation may be requested.

27.  Is there a binding style preference?  No

28.  Is there a point system for award that can be shared?  No

29.  Are we able to/is there a benefit to offering more than one spot?  It is permissible to submit more than one site within the proposal or to submit an additional proposal.

30.  What are the desired dimensions/shape of the plot of land?  Minimum of 27 acres

31.  If proposed site were equal, what other factors would the committee us to determine its preferred site?  Evaluation will be based on factors in RFSSP

32.  Is there a preference for neighborhood /commercial location?  The best site with all factors considered as established in RFSSP