ADVA Mission

To promote awareness, assist eligible veterans, their families, and survivors to receive from the U. S. and State Governments any and all benefits to which they may be entitled under existing or future laws to be enacted.

ADVA Vision

To ensure that all veterans and their families understand and receive all the benefits, support, care, and recognition that they have earned and are entitled to, by expertly administering all current programs, anticipating future needs and taking appropriate action to meet these needs.

ADVA Core Values

We hold ourselves personally and professionally accountable to deliver on America’s promises to all veterans through courage, conviction, and a belief in our core values:

Professionalism – Provide accurate and timely assistance and information in a manner consistent with the core values of the ADVA.

Integrity – Provide fair, honest and objective advocacy in an ethical manner while displaying the highest standard of conduct both on and off duty.

Compassion – Consistently demonstrate care, concern and understanding in every encounter.

Commitment – Fully dedicated to develop yourself to become the best you can be in carrying out the mission of the ADVA.

Teamwork – Everyone working together in a positive and productive manner to accomplish the mission and goals of the ADVA.

ADVA Organizational Chart

ADVA Organizational Chart