Applications for this grant are no longer being accepted. Thank you for your interest.

Proposals must be received at the ADVA HQ office no later than 2:00 pm CDT on Friday, December 1, 2023
Proposals being submitted by hand, commercial carrier, or carrier service should be directed to:
Beverly Gebhardt
Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs
RSA Union Building – 100 North Union Street, Suite 850
Montgomery, Alabama 36104-3719

The Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs (ADVA) is seeking proposals from Alabama nonprofit organizations and institutions of higher learning to provide programs and services that positively impact the mental health of Alabama veterans and their families. The goal is to improve the social, emotional, and/or psychological well-being of Alabama veterans and/or their families.

To view the complete RFP, click here ->Supporting Alabama Veterans Grant

INQUIRIES All inquiries, except for questions regarding bidding procedures, must be made in writing and submitted no later than November 10, 2023. Address inquiries to the POC: Beverly Gebhardt, Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs, P.O. Box 1509 Montgomery, AL 36102-1509

Please take a look at the following responses to individual questions.

What activities are considered Administrative?

A:  General business and accounting principles should be used to categorize costs.  For clarity purposes, the Federal Acquisition Regulation provides that “[g]eneral and administrative (G&A) expense means any management, financial, and other expense which is incurred by or allocated to a business unit and which is for the general management and administration of the business unit as a whole. G&A expense does not include those management expenses whose beneficial or causal relationship to cost objectives can be more directly measured by a base other than a cost input base representing the total activity of a business unit during a cost accounting period.”

What is considered travel?

A:  Reimbursable travel would include travel to administer or implement the grant program or service beyond the everyday commute.  Types of expenses that may be reimbursable are to be determined by the organization’s written policy within the confines of those expenses allowable under the American Rescue Plan Act and Alabama procurement and grant award laws.  If the organization does not have a written policy, expense types may include those allowable as Business Travel by the US Internal Revenue Service, see Topic No. 511, Business Travel Expenses (

Are there any prohibitive items?

A:  Limitations as to the types of expenses which are reimbursable are based upon the funding source.  As such, costs are prohibited under the American Rescue Plan Act or Alabama procurement or grant award laws.  Additionally, research and development expenses are prohibited.

Are there any prohibitive activities?

A:  Limitations as to the types of activities are based upon the funding source.  As such, activities prohibited under the American Rescue Plan Act or Alabama procurement or grant award laws are prohibited.  Additionally, research and development activities are prohibited.

What is the allowed period of performance?  One year?  Two years?

A: The period of performance is dictated by the funding stream.  The earliest date would be upon full execution of the grant agreement, and the latest end date is December 31, 2026, as it is the last date to expend funds.

Is F&A (i.e., indirect costs or overhead) allowed?  Since it is not explicitly prohibited, I assume it is allowed, but wanted to make sure.

A: Reasonable Facility & Administrative costs, indirect costs, overhead costs, etc., allowable under the constraints of the American Rescue Plan Act and incurred for the program or service are not prohibited.  For scoring purposes, these will be considered administrative expenses.

Are any other categories of budget items expressly prohibited?  Specifically, we would like to know about salary support and renovations.

A: Budget items allowable may differ based on the program or service.  While salary costs are anticipated as part of most, if not all, proposals, whether specialized costs, such as renovation costs, would be permitted would depend on the program or service and the purpose behind the specialized cost.  As with all cost considerations, costs not allowed under the American Rescue Plan Act may not be reimbursed.  Also, as an additional condition of the funding, no costs for research and development may be reimbursed.

Are supplementary documents allowed with the submission beyond the required section of the proposal (cover page, organization information, program information, budget and justification, and proof of eligibility)?  For example, could we include letters of support, quotes, etc.?

A: The Request for Proposals does not include additional space or pages for letters of support, quotes, etc.  However, each applicant determines the information they believe most responsive to the criteria within each category up to the established page limits.