Who is Eligible?

Varies by court, but may include:

  • Active Service, Prior Service, and Military Retirees
  • National Guard and Reserves
  • War-time and Peace-time Service
  • All Discharges despite Character of Service

Veteran Treatment Courts (VTCs) were developed to avoid unnecessary incarceration of veterans with mental health and/or substance abuse problems. In the program, veterans may receive medical and mental health treatment, training and help with finding a job, as well as housing and transportation assistance. Veterans who successfully complete the program will have the charges against them dismissed and may be eligible to have their records expunged. Read more

Transfers of Cases

If your court does not have a VTC, you may request the court to transfer your case to a nearby court which has a VTC. If both courts agree, your case may be transferred.

Veterans Court Guide

For detailed information designed for legal personnel, especially court personnel, please see the State Bar Veterans Court Guide (2014)