Bill Nichols State Veterans Home has gotten a bad rap lately for the investigation into the safety measures of its facility and health of its residents. While there is no doubt the number of veterans affected by COVID-19 is beyond disheartening, the staff of Bill Nichols also does the best it can to honor those residents and keep them in good spirits.

Saturday, a charity motorcycle ride drove by the home as a handful of its residents sat outside awaiting the group’s arrival. Staff members circled around them like hawks ensuring they didn’t overheat and were excited for the spontaneous parade to come through. The enthusiasm from Bill Nichols staff is evident in the effort made to keep its veterans happy.

It was a heartfelt moment and a touching realization as to the little things that can be done to show a little enjoyment and appreciation. Especially considering most of these residents have not been outside in months or allowed to see any family or friends in the same amount of time.

Tuesday marked the 100th birthday of one of its two female occupants at Bill Nichols and personnel went all out with a celebration. Although visitation is still restricted, director workers decorated the courtyard with balloons, signage and a cake fit for a queen. One staff member even bought the birthday girl a special T-shirt denoting her sweet and sassy personality.

Veterans are extremely special members of our community and should be respected as such. The Outlook is proud of all of our veterans and know they deserve all the commendations, celebrations and excitement they can get.