Certain veterans are now eligible to park in designated military parking places across the state.
The Alabama Legislature enacted a law, sponsored by State Rep. Barry Moore, which allows a person who meets the military service and award requirements to be issued a windshield placard displaying an appropriate military honor or veteran status.
Veterans must submit an application to the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs which includes satisfactory proof that he or she has been awarded the Medal of Honor, Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Legion of Valor or was a prisoner of war.
“More and more businesses are setting aside special parking spaces reserved for military veterans who were wounded, taken prisoner, or presented a medal for valor in defense of our country,” Moore said. “It is unconscionable to think that someone who does not fall under these categories would park in a space reserved for our nation’s heroes, but it happens quite often. This new law will ensure that those who display such blatant disrespect will be punished appropriately.”
The bill makes it unlawful for a person to park in these designated military places without the distinctive placard or a qualifying veteran’s license plate denoting their status.

For more information on the placards or any veterans benefit, visit your local veterans service office. To locate the nearest veterans service office to you, visit https://va.alabama.gov/serviceofficer/ and select your home county .